The Great Dawlish Art Show @St. Gregory’s

Earlier this year, Liz was invited to Curate and exhibit at St. Gregory’s Church in Dawlish, Devon. The Upper Narthex of the church has undergone some restoration and features an amazing glass front overlooking the nave.

Revd. Dallas Ayling was installed as Rector of St. Gregory’s in 2016 and was keen to open it up to the community as a venue for various activities. With limited venues for exhibiting art in Dawlish town, she decided that the Upper Nathex would serve well as a location, and The Great Dawlish Art Show was born.

The exhibition was open to any artist in Dawlish and the surrounding areas, and featured artists of various disciplines. Launched by the Mayor of Dawlish, Lisa Mayne, the exhibition also featured winners of Westcliff Primary Academy’s student competition “I Love Dawlish”, who were presented with prizes by the Mayor at the opening evening.

Visitor numbers reached over 200 during the week of operation, a great success for an inaugural show.